About 4XHub


Who are the people behind 4xHub?

Richard Whelan is Managing Director of the firm and serves on the Board. He started out in the industry at Bankers Trust (now Deutsche Banks Investment Banking arm) and ran its Money Market Operations and structured FX Operations. Additionally he spent a number of years at First Chicago NBC (now JPMorgan) where at various times he was head of FX and Money Market Operations, Project Manager / Head of CLS Operations (institutional intra-bank FX clearing system) and deputy Head of Cash Operations which covered the above and all firms “cash related”. Mr Whelan also spent two years at UBS AG as Programme Manager for “Change Management” for the banks credit, interest rate and structured derivatives businesses before starting up an FCA Regulated Broker-Dealer (FIXI PLC) and has started up a number of other FCA Regulated entities over the years. He has a two year stint at Northern Trust Company where he was Global Head of Cash Operations with responsibility for six divisions and over three hundred staff. He joined 4xHub Limited to build out the business from the ground up which is his forte. 

Richard Whelan
Wei Xu

Wei Xu is the Chief Technology Officer of the firm and has a huge wealth of experience in both FinTech firms’ and Regulated Financial Services providers specialising in Foreign Exchange. Wei started out after receiving his degree in engineering at Gold-I which was an extremely innovative FinTech and was there from almost the start initialling working in product development to ultimately setting up and running the companies Chinese office. Gold-I specialise in “bridge”, “aggregation” and plug in technology for trading platforms. He spent a spell at Integral which in addition to Gold-I’s product type geared their technology including front end trading systems towards the institutional market space. He then moved to Stater Global as Head of Operations (FCA Regulated Broker-Dealer) and also holds the role of head of operations at GMO Click in the UK. 

Jit Chun Tan is Chief Executive Officer and has been involved in the Financial Services space since receiving a degree in engineering. He currently has an interest in a number of Regulated Financial Services companies across the globe alongside strategic investments in a number of FinTech companies. Like Mr Whelan he particularly enjoy getting involved in building companies organically from the ground up utilising the best in class technology and then moving onto other projects to invest in and steer where necessary and where his guidance will be of benefit to the company. 

Jit Chun Tan

Why did we create 4xHub?

The principals’ behind this business originate from a blend of institutional, professional and retail firms’ and their clients ranged top tier banks, hedge funds, sovereign wealth funds to professional and retail traders. 

4xHub will initially concentrate on providing highly competitively priced app based deliverable FX products to ensure that we can deliver the highest quality of execution services in products that we have a proven track record in delivering on over many decades. 

Strategically we intend to build out and extend this companies technology to offer financial derivatives alongside other value added products where we may identify a market inefficiency such that we can offer stable products at a more competitive price to the existing providers. Please watch this space for new products!